We sell Wild Bird and Poultry Food in Bulk.

Works out Cheaper and we will carry it to the car for you or Deliver it to you.

wild bird and poultry food

We supply a huge range of Food and Feeders for Wild Birds, Poultry and Pet Birds.


We cater for all pet birds, from Budgies, Canaries to Parrots to Parakeets.

We have cages, Toys, Treats and some fantastic food. From pre-packaged to weighed bags.

Pop in or give us a call if you are looking for something unusual or different to entertain your feathered friend.

We sell pre-packed Food or loose weighed food.
- The Choice is yours.


Seed and Nut Feeders, Water Feeders, Coconut Suet Feeders, Suet To Go, Meal Worms, Feeding Stations.

We also sell Whole Peanuts, Chopped Peanuts, Niger Seed, Sunflower Seed, Black Sunflower Seed by various different weights.

We sell Suet to Go and Suet Balls, Blocks & Logs

We also sell Water Feeders and Feeding Stations.


More and more people are keeping Chickens and Ducks.  There is nothing like a fresh egg in the morning and an egg you know what the Chicken/Duck has been fed on.  You really can taste the difference.

We sell Poultry Corn, Layers Pellets, Chick Crumbs, Poultry Grit, Feeders & Drinkers, Treatments and Tonics, Mite and Lice Products, Anti Peck Products & Disinfectants.

Dont worry about heavy sacks etc, we will put it in your car or deliver.

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