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Some would think a dogs diet is straight from a can.  This is far from the case, all dogs need different diets to suit them.  A lot of skin and behaviour problems can be down to a dogs diet, not to mention bad breath and other gaseous odours!  You have heard the saying, “you are what you eat”.  It applies to dogs too. 

Think of a dog as a child, you put a load of fizzy sweets in a child, its like lighting the blue touch paper, well its the same for dogs.   You eat Beef Burgers all week, you wont be feeling too clever by Friday, same for Dogs.  Poor diet really starts to show and you will really see the difference when your best friend is fed a good diet. 

 Listed are some of our best sellers but we have a lot more in Store.  So pop in or give us a call.


Raw Food by Cotswold
- Just fantastic Quality.

cotswold raw dog food

Selection of Frozen Raw Food

We offer Free Advice on raw feeding and the Barf Diet.
frozen raw dog food

Welcome to Symply
Healthy, natural dog food.

If you are looking for a new natural dog food or perhaps your pet suffers from itching, scratching, intolerances or other similar conditions, switch to Symply.

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Leads & Collars

Huge range, lots of colours and sizes.


Walking Harnesses and Car Harnesses.

Training Aids

Whistles, Clickers, Training Pouches, Retrieve toys, Long and House LInes, Training Leads.


You wont believe how many we pack into our shop. We try and test them and we are always looking for the new and exciting new toy on the market. A well stimulated Dog is a Happy Dog.


Training treats, Natural Antlers & Roots, Venison, Seafood Jerky, Beef Heart, Sweet Potatoe, Papaya - We offer many healthy dog treats.


Cosy Beds, Crate Mats, Plastic Beds, Luxorious Beds.

Crates and Travel Crates

All different sizes. (for Airline use, please check size required).

Health Products and Dental Products

Tooth Pastes, Worming treatments, Flea Treatments, Eye Cleansers, Thornit Powder, Stress Remidies. Phytopet Homeopathic Range - Highly Recommended!!

Grooming Products

Shampoos, Eau De Cologne, Brushes, Strippers, Thinning Scissors, Nail Clippers.

Support Care

Care for Anxiety or behavioural problems

Urinary Care

Puppy Training Pads, Urine Off Sprays and treatments & Homeopathic Treatments
We Stock The Fantastic Chuckit Range

Bring your dog in and try it, see how it works.

Come and try it for yourselves. We will show you how to put it on, its very easy and gentle and it stays clear of dogs eyes and their mouths.   We feel very privileged to be able to stock this item.

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