Sue Co-owner

Sales and Pet Care Advisor

Sue joined Pets World in 2000, and has a huge knowledge of Pet Nutrition and Animal behavior. Always happy to advise and help our customers. Sue who loves dogs has 4 at the moment and has rescued many dogs. These are 2 of her dogs in the picture.

Jude Co-owner

Sales and Pet Care Advisor

Jude joined Pets World in 2014 and loves all animals. Jude hasn’t any pets at the moment but now she works for us, lets see how long it takes until she does. Jude is full time and is happy to help and advise you on all your pets requirements. We will let you know as soon as Jude get a Pet/Pets!!!!


Head Canine Beautician

Tracey joined Pets World in 1985. She is very experienced and specialises in all Breeds, large and small. Tracey who is a huge animal lover has numerous Cats, and Breeds Shih Tzu dogs and Siamese cats.


Sales and Pet Care Advisor

Debbie joined Pets World in 2006, as she wanted to widen her knowledge in Pet Care, Nutrition and Homeopathic Care. She has worked in the Pet Industry since she was 14 years old. Debbie loves all animals but holds a particular fondness for Collies and Cavaliers. Debbie has 4 Dogs, aged 17, 11 and two 3 year olds.


Canine Beautician

Kate joined Pets World in 1994. Kate is very experienced with all Breeds and does a lot of work for Show Dogs. Kate Breeds and Shows Staffordshire Bull Terriers in the UK and Other Countries.


Bathing Technician

Hannah joined Pets World in 2008 and has been shampooing, conditioning and pampering the doggies ever since. Hannah is just brilliant at settling the dogs and talking to them while they are bathed. Hannah owns dogs herself and helps walk and train Police dogs. She also has a Horse. She is an all round animal lover.


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